trafficnow offers a full turnkey solution starting with the sensors that detect the flow of traffic, and all the way display of real-time information through a cloud based solution, or a server installed locally. The roadside sensors have an onboard 3G modem, and take full control of the data transmission. The low power consumption allows delivering the sensors with a solar panel, or with a battery charging setup for taking advantage of the electricity from street lighting.

The DeepBlue Core is a centralized turn-key solution for your DeepBlue sensor network; it provides real-time traffic information for the urban and inter-urban environment. The DeepBlue Core and DeepBlue Core+ centralized systems, with their web based interfaces, can run on trafficnows Virtual Control Center, or be installed locally at the traffic control center. The system receives and treats the data in real-time, and displays travel-times, and traffic distribution on a GIS-based interface, and offers a great deal of information that can be downloaded as reports.

DeepBlue Core can operate both as a stand-alone option as well as an integrated option if the client already has an existing traffic management system, independently of whether it is at the VCC or at your local traffic control center. trafficnow is fully dedicated to support you in the integration with your traffic management system of choice.